The Best TensorFlow Courses Online To Learn Supervised Machine Learning ⚡

TensorFlow is a powerful machine learning framework for deep learning. This open-source tool has changed the speed of development in supervised machine learning. Using TensorFlow for training machine learning models is very common these days. Large machine learning leader companies are already using TensorFlow on a large scale.

Learning TensorFlow has also become super convenient these days with a ton of free tutorials and courses online. I have compiled a list of the best free online resources to help you learn TensorFlow quickly.

Note: Foundation Courses

TensorFlow is a specialized machine learning environment that focuses on supervised machine learning.

Free YouTube Courses On TensorFlow

YouTube is full of useful videos, however, it gets really hard to find in-depth courses that may be worth your time. Below is a short list of the best courses to learn TensorFlow on YouTube, some of them are also advertisement free.

Coursera Courses On TensorFlow

Coursera a popular choice for online courses. Below are some courses available on Coursera.

Other Courses Online

There are many other websites that have good online tutorials. These are not video courses, however can be handy for beginners.


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