The Best Browsers For Safe Anonymous Surfing | Happy Hours!

The Internet comes full of productivity & entertainment solutions. Being anonymous is very difficult nowadays. Because of increasing cyber crimes & frauds online. According to ethical hacking researchers of the international institute of cybersecurity, users cannot get complete anonymity online but can take some precautions for hiding true their identity.


  • Epic is another web browser which developed to provide anonymity online. Epic uses its own proxies & filter to block unwanted advertisements & trackers.
  • Epic key features include:-
    • Address Bar & Tracking Removed
    • Epic always stays on privacy browsing mode
    • Epic blocks comprehensive ads.
    • Do not track is always on.
  • Follow screenshot shows how Epic web browser blocks ads while opening facebook webpage.


  • We will show you the top Web browser which helps the user to hide their identity. One to a topmost anonymous web browser is TOR.
  • TOR (The Onion Router) is designed to provide anonymity online. The most popular web browser uses the ONION network for searching for any query.
  • Download TOR web browser: You can even share or download files online but it might reveal your actual location over the TOR network.
  • If the internet is working slowly in your area. It will be annoying because TOR network route traffic from different relays which makes users slow to open any webpage.


  • This browser is also developed on chromium project & similar to Google Chrome. The only difference is anonymity.

  • Software iron does not create any session or collects any data from its users. As commented by ethical hacking researcher of International Institute of Cyber Security Software has mentioned on the website that the following points do not exist in Iron web browser.


  • This web browser looks very similar to Google Chrome but provides secure browsing in terms of security.
  • Comodo Web Browser works the same as TOR. This browser blocks tracking, spyware & cookies.



@SaM is Duckduckgo as anonymous or should i switch?

It’s a search engine and not a browser.:sweat_smile:


Do I still need to use VPN on any of these browsers?