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Moving the mouse on your system frequently for keeping the machine active can be very irritating. In times when users do not move their mouse for a very long time, they need to go through the hassle of entering their secret password for logging into their computers.

Not being able to move the mouse frequently can be a problem as you need to re-enter your secret password again and again. This can take a toll on your privacy and might even compromise the security of your system.

To help users avoid this annoying state of affairs, programming experts have come up with an exclusive program that can help computer enthusiasts in keeping their systems alert without any intercession as such.

Auto mouse mover software programs are unique virtual products that can offer you the flexibility of staying away from your computer for a very long time without worrying about it logging off.

These cool software programs will make it very easy for you to keep your system in active mode even when you are not around. But how is this possible?:wink: We will have a look below:

An auto mouse mover software program works by moving the mouse automatically at specific time intervals without the mindfulness of the system users.

These programs lead the central processing unit of the system into accepting that the machine is being used even when the user is not present. The programs work by activating the system for some time at specific intervals of time.

They can prove to be highly advantageous in situations when the users do not require time activated screensaver or applications to run on their systems.

They work for people who want their computer screens to be dynamic and the ones who want to avoid their systems from getting inactive only after some time.

There are different varieties of mouse mover software programs available. So, you can choose the basic ones if you do not require many alternatives or the configurable mouse movers if you want to control your system on the whole.

The best mouse mover software programs available for Windows users have been detailed below:-

Best Auto Mouse Mover Programs: Our Pick :ok_hand:

1. Move Mouse

This open-source auto mouse mover software (Download Here) for Windows can be used in a straightforward way for moving the mouse on your system constantly. This freeware can even be used for executing other functions on a system.

This automatic mouse mover keeps a computer awake even when it is not being used. The program comes loaded with extensive features offering users complete control on the working of this software.

Important attributes of Move Mouse are:-

  • Users of this program can set a second interval. This makes the program wait until the set number of seconds pass. Once this happens, the software executes movement.
  • Users can also enable the stealth mode of the program to make actions invisible on their computer screens.
  • It continues moving the mouse after a set interval of time.
  • The program interface offers tons of options for the users to arrange.
  • It minimizes the Move Mouse dialogue box automatically when it is not needed.
  • This is an easy to use and simple mouse mover program with mouse movement options that can easily be configured.
  • Originally designed for preventing Windows from locking the sessions of the users or from going to sleep, this program can now be used for varied situations.
  • It comes loaded with behaviors and actions that help the users in customizing the software to their specific requirements.
  • This application has the ability to take care of a plethora of tasks when the user is not around. It can move the mouse cursor automatically, send keystrokes, and click the left button of the mouse. If required, it can handle all these three activities simultaneously.

There are various other features that make this software one of the best auto mouse mover software programs available at present. This simple program has been specifically designed for simulating user activity.

It not only enables you to keep your mouse moving automatically but even offers you the scope of executing programs and scripts. Overall, this software is one good example of a practical mouse mover that can serve several functions.

2. SessionGuard

It’s such a pain when you set your PC to download a massive file, go off to have a brew and then come back to find that your computer is sleeping on the job.

I found a really useful program called LeoMoon SessionGuard (Download Here) that’s designed to tackle this problem.

It won’t change any of your Windows settings but it’s all but guaranteed to stop your computer from sleeping or resetting while you’re away. It’s also really simple to use – just download the software from the website and run it.

Essentially, SessionGuard works by emulating mouse movement, tricking your computer into thinking that it’s in use.

There are a couple of settings to play with – you can choose your own time interval for how often the mouse should move (I chose 50 seconds) and set a keyboard hotkey if you want one.

3. XuMouse

Yet again, a free, open-source auto mouse mover software program for Windows (Download Here). This program offers two options to its users, and they are Click Mouse and Move Mouse.

Activity time for the mouse on a system can be set from 5 seconds to 500 seconds, depending on the requirement and the preference of the users.

If users choose the Move Mouse action, they will have the mouse moving randomly from one position to another after a given time.

On the other hand, if they go for the Click Mouse option, the mouse pointer gets clicked automatically after a set time. There are no mouse pointer movements in the Click Mouse mode. There is a stop button that the users need to click on for closing the program.

Exclusive features of the program are:-

  • Lightweight software program.
  • XuMouse will not take a lot of space on your system.

This auto mouse mover software program has gained huge popularity across the world for the amazing features it has on offer. The program is widely used in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

4. Auto Mouse Mover

This is an amazing software (Download Here) that follows an exclusive automation technology for preventing systems from getting inactive or logging off after some time.

The best thing about this mouse mover software is that users can put in their desired time interval into the dialogue box of the app, and the software will work accordingly.

A few notable features of Auto Mouse Mover are as follows:-

  • Users of this program get the option of specifying the pixel rate that will help the software in moving accordingly.
  • The program minimizes automatically when it is not needed on the screen.
  • It works perfectly well with all the Windows versions.
  • There is no need for the users to buy or install any other program or hardware device for moving their mouse constantly when they have Auto Mouse Mover installed on their systems.
  • The program can also help users in preventing their systems from going into hibernation mode and that too, without making any changes to the control panel settings of their machine.

If you have long been in the lookout of a software program that can save you from the hassle of being around your system for keeping your sessions active, then Auto Mouse Mover is for you.

Use it for taking a long break while working on your computer only to return and have the system active. So, there is no hassle of putting in your password over and over again.

5. Mini Mouse Macro

This is yet another top-quality auto mouse mover software program (Download Here) that keeps your system from logging off. One of the most exclusive features of this program is that it will not be moving the mouse pointer on a random basis.

Instead, it will allow the users to record the movement of the mouse and repeat the same in the loop. The only thing that the users need to do is click on the record option to start recording mouse movement.

Once the recording is stopped, users can allocate the number of loops in which they want to play the recording. Users also have the option of assigning hotkeys for starting or stopping mouse movement by way of their keyboards.

The program allows users to record several mouse movements. Other important features of this exclusive auto mouse mover are:-

  • Effective and simple mouse macro.
  • Offers options to loop macro or recordings.
  • Automation available for keystrokes left key and right key.
  • Macro scripts are available for scheduling tasks.
  • Quick launch and hotkey properties.
  • Recorded files can easily be saved.

Overall, this is one automatic mouse mover software program that you must definitely try, especially for the mouse movement recording option that it presents to the users.

6. Tiny Task

As is suggested by its name, Tiny Task (Download Here) comes in the form of a very small auto mouse mover freeware. The user interface of this program is quite compact. It allows users to record mouse pointer movements and play the same in the loop.

The tiny task user interface comes loaded with a number of options like save, open, record, compile, settings, and play. So, users can easily record mouse movements; save them, and play the same as the need might be.

Users can browse the settings menu for changing the count of the loops, hotkeys and playback speed. The settings menu can also be used for accessing help.

This lightweight application does not use a lot of memory and CPU and offers easy and quick automation by playback and recording. This is a very handy and useful tool that can reduce different repetitive tasks to just one click.

Other exclusive attributes of Tiny Task are:-

  • Compiler options are available for turning mouse movement recordings into executable files.
  • The mouse mover not only captures mouse movement but even mouse clicks.
  • Unambiguous and simple interface that can easily be used for minimizing efforts that need to be put on the part of the users.
  • Tiny Task is a 35KB program but is compact enough to provide the best user experience.
  • It does not require any kind of scripting for automating different procedures.
  • It is a straightforward and non-obtrusive program with a highly intuitive user-interface.

Tiny Task is one of the most convenient mouse mover software programs for automating repetitive tasks. The only thing that the users of this program need to do is record the task and feed the same into the software.

The software performs the fed task several times as per the time intervals provided by the users. As simple as that. It is probably the best auto mouse mover you should try out. With Tiny Task, you can bid goodbye to frustrating, repetitive tasks.

7. Auto Clicker Typer

This automatic mouse mover (Download Here) comes with a record option that lets users record mouse movements. The recorded mouse movements can easily be saved and played as per requirement. Users can assign hotkeys for operating the software from their keyboards.

There is even a loop option that enables users to add the loop numbers they want to record for repeating the mouse movements. Keyboard actions can even be added to this software program apart from the mouse pointer movements.

Exclusive attributes of the auto mouse mover include:-

  • Easy to use and feature-rich interface that gets the mouse recording and mouse moving tasks pretty well.
  • Mouse clicks and keystrokes can also be automated with the use of this program.
  • The software allows users to program several repetitive button strikes and clicks.
  • This app is very simple but comes with features like auto-script and record that give users more control.
  • An easy way of using this program is allowing it to record everything that you are doing. The next moment you will find the program repeating your button strokes, mouse moves, and clicks over and over again as demanded.
  • The auto script feature of the program provides many customization options.
  • It does not require an internet connection.
  • Easy to operate without any technical knowledge.

Auto Clicker Typer is one of the most convenient tools for individuals who need to use the same programs on a frequent basis.

This program even works great as a time saver when[playing games It is useful for playing games that require the players to make repetitive moves.

At the time of our research on Best Auto Mouse Mover Programs, we found a video about “10 Easy Shortcuts Everybody Needs to Know” which is worth watching.

8. Mouse Jiggler

This program (Download Here) works by wiggling the mouse, so the system is kept away from getting inactive or logging off completely. Mouse Jiggler is a straightforward and simple application that comes with an easy to use interface.

It will give you the scope of offering yourself a good break while working. When activated, the jiggler works by moving the mouse back and forth at the same spot. There are two options available to the users, and they are Zen Jiggle and Enable Jiggle.

Enable Jiggle can be used for wiggling the mouse with a visible pointer and Zen Jiggle to wiggle the mouse without the pointer being visible.

Exclusive features of the software include:

  • Works as a savior for individuals who need to work on their systems continuously.
  • The software has garnered positive reviews from users.

Mouse Jiggler is for you if you are in the habit of taking breaks while working and also if you are into handling big projects that require concentrating on the system for extended time spans.

9. Mouse Machine

One of the best things about this auto mouse mover (Download Here) is that it comes loaded with extraordinary features that make it completely different from the other products on this list.

Users of this program can input coordinates and make the choice of any action they would want the program to perform. The software works as per instructions.

Some of the most significant features of the program are:-

  • The program not only automates mouse movements but even mouse clicks provided it is configured as per requirements.
  • The software keeps any system awake and even does simple operations like double-clicking or moving specific coordinates on the screen.

Since it works in the same way as a mouse, this program is named Mouse Machine. It automates all the procedures that a user can literally carry out with the help of a mouse.

10. Wiggle Mouse

This is a very simple and straightforward auto mouse mover (Download Here) software program that serves the sole function of moving the mouse on a system at specific time intervals.

This cross-platform Java software takes time intervals as input from its users and has a very intuitive interface. It will help you in working with your machine without facing any logoffs or interruptions because of long hours of inactivity.

It simply prevents using your machine on your behalf by indulging in mouse movements.

Important features of the program are:-

  • Use Wiggle Mouse for setting the time interval during which you want the mouse on your system to move even when you are not around.
  • The program repeats infinite loops, which means the users do not need to define the loop count.

Mouse Wiggle comes as one of the best solutions for keeping computer screens active, especially for busy users.

11. Mouse Mover

This software program (Download here) can easily be customized for moving the mouse pointer on a device naturally at specific intervals of time.

The best thing about this program is that it keeps your system alive from the moment it is installed on the machine and until the machine shuts down completely. There is no rocket science required for handling this program.

In other words, even kids can use this product without going through any problems. It comes with a straightforward interface. The users will not find any settings menu, gigantic overheads, or setups.

The only thing that you need to do as a user is to download the appand install it on your system, and rest will be taken care of by the program itself.

Other important features of Mouse Mover are:-

  • Mouse Mover is easy to understand and lightweight applications that come absolutely free of cost.
  • It is programmed in a way to move the mouse pointer of any system automatically every five minutes. But it will work only on those systems that have the program installed.
  • There is no need for the users to set time intervals for the frequency at which they want their mouse to move.

Mouse Mover is a simple software program that does not require the users to follow lengthy procedures for handling it.


The majority of these auto mouse movers come in the form of open-source applications. A few of them will not only help you in keeping your system active when you are not around but even help with changes in different parameters such as setting movement interval, repetitions and their count, frequency, and schedule.

There are others that offer basic features of wiggling the mouse after a certain specified time period.

You can make use of any of these software programs for keeping your important computer sessions active. They will save you from the hassle of feeding the system with your password again and again.

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