Telegram bot for uploading torrent file

Im searching for a bot which upload torrent files to telegram without any limitations. There are some bots but they have limitation of 500MB. Anyone know a bot for uploading without any limit?


ya there r many but i m not a fan of them
also there r many public leecher grps

Telegram restricts a user from uploading a file that is larger than 1.5GB in size (a two-hour movie, encoded with HEVC media codec, with a variable bitrate between 400KBps to 2MBps would weigh under 1.5GB, for instance) but there is no limit to the number of files they can upload.

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You can use userbots like Uniborg to download torrent to heroku server and then upload it to telegram as a file or stream. + You can use ffmpeg to convert videos to any quality.

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Check this link.
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Can you please share me a bot because Iā€™m getting dead bots.