Svl injector and http injector Free internet

Hi, i have this problem and i couldn’t find any solution for it in the web
My problem is :
My isp (Internet service provider) allow me to access only to two website and, what i want to do is to find a way to bypass this restriction,

I want a solution that works on a PC or Linux
Any comments and suggestions will be appreciated
Thanks you

You didn’t clarify your problem well, You said your ISP just giving you access to Facebook Inc services only ? … or are you using some internet packs or credits you buy for a limited time and offer ! if so the last one {which I assume for 99%} try to look for some SSL or SSH Tunneling tips/tricks for your provider.

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Good luck :blush:


Yes exactly, i’m using an internet pack that gives me access to only Facebook and Instagram, but what don’t understand how it is possible the create SSH Tunnel without having access to the full internet ?
ssh [email protected]:port

Thank you for your help

You can’t .i had the same issue.then i asked stackoverflow.but no is the question

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Yeah that’s an issue, Maybe there is a vulnerability somewhere about your ISP… people still covering it but try to look if there is some in this last 3 years, perhaps you can manage to overstep the issue by a self-made solution by you :slight_smile: !

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