I am glad to be having a reply from OneHack Team for my concerned questions.
Am here to ask a question regarding full stack development. As a beginner, am skeptical about the technology stack used in creating websites and applications.
I am not sure which technology to be used and how efficient they are for front-end, back-end and applications.
Basically I am aware of few tech’s like Boot-strap, android studio, react
and django, mongodb , angular
am not pretty sure what to learn.
Hoping an inquisitive reply from OneHack team members.
Thank you in advance!


The two most popular stacks right now are MERN (MongoDB+Express+React+Node) and Django (Python).

It’ll be best if you pick one of these. My personal preference would be MERN.

Tbh I really like LAMP too (PHP+MySQL), but it is good only for personal projects and not very useful from a commercial perspective (much lesser jobs, lesser pay).


if you want to do web development + machine learning --> go with Django


Or use javascript and send the data for ML to Python using a REST API.