Suggestion - City for studying in New Zealand


I am planning to go and study Master’s or PG in IT in New Zealand. Need inputs to choose city. Targeting an economical institute like EIT.

Almost 10 years of IT experience (as an SAP Consultant), B.Tech, MBA (IT), Certified PMP & CSM… Then almost 6 years of core business experience in two tire town. All in India :slight_smile:
Wife is a practising Dentist with two children.

Education now is a step for long term settlement actually. Want to travel alone, live a bachelor’s life again :smiley: and further look for job & PR and Citizenship.

Please suggest any institute or Uni (economical one) and location that will help me network (communities, forums, groups etc), part time jobs during study, sectors to target and any and everything worth noting / doing.

In anticipation.
Thank you


Masters. PGDip is valued much less. It’s a halfway stage to a Masters.

However NOTHING will “ensure” a promising career. No qual does that. Learn to excel in everything you do - including speaking, and spelling. If immigrant then good enunciation will get you further than any piece of paper.

we are left with the tier-1 schools in this order:

• Auckland University of Technology (Auckland)
• Massey University (Auckland)
• University of Canterbury (Christchurch)
• University of Otago (Dunedin) and (Invercargill)
• University of Waikato (Hamilton)
• Victoria University of Wellington (Wellington)

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Thank you for your inputs Pari & highly appraise :smiley:

Your top two bits (PGDip & language) are like bouncers to me but very vital and I take these as critical ones and try to mould my skills and strengths accordingly.

Just to clarify so that others also benefit,

I am targeting minimum “Level 8 (1 year) program” which is like two thirds of the Master’s, if finances support me & comes across any special subjects/area, I will continue into the Masters (Level 9). Initially targeting PG 'cause both PG and Master’s give 3 years post study work permit & pathway to settle. And as per the long term PR Skill list, IT has always been and so I am targeting PG/Master in IT with specialization in Data Science/Analytics & Visualization or Cyber Security.

Absolutely, what you said is just so true. “Excel in whatever one does”. Noted :bowing_man: Hope you get to understand my situation, married + two kids and work exp of more than 15+ years (10 in IT and 5+ self-employed), going to study fulltime is not easy but I am sure I will do it because I have been a life long learner & want to settle in NZ and live away from family for that period so that I can focus on my skills, networking, freelancing, exploring NZ and keep the costs lower. And on the curriculum front, I already have experience in the subjects during my IT stints with different corporates. Also, english has always been my favourite subject since primary School (88/100 was my least marks during entire study in English). Hopefully, as a side hustle, want to start video creation for (internet) marketing because currently its one of the biggest market and later specialize and do a few DS projects related to Video Analytics.

Finally, as of now my list of Uni/Institutes is (spoke to a couple education consultants, couple of NZ folks already working post study and other considered were parameters like Cost of study, location, professional networking opportunities during study - Conferences, chapters, communities, etc)

  1. EIT, Auckland
  2. University of Waikato (Hamilton) - looking for Academic excellence Scholarship
  3. Weltec, Wellington - looking for Academic excellence Scholarship or any for that matter

Any further thoughts/suggestions/real experiences/references/opportunities/pointers are always welcome.

Take care, relax & be safe in the current tough times.

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