Suggest me some Unique way to Wish Birthday Online

I have tried some Birthday website methods from Github and they seems Intresting for sure but can you Guys suggest me any other method to wish someone birthday online ( create a Video of photos and other such method is overly used so i wanna avoid em) . Initially I thought of using ( ace attorney player would know) but that doesn’t seem apt for wishing birthday. So i would he glad if you guys can suggest me a method.


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Төрсөн өдрийн мэнд хүргье. (

Here, I did it 4 years ago. Used html5 template and added little bit javascript by myself. Also if you click the button you will hear the music plays. (It was her favorite song.). Also the text says “When I saw you the first time I thought ‘You were here all along. I was searching for you all this time.’” (It is a phrase from her favorite book too)


Buy a birthday gig on fiverr

Thanks Bro . Its pretty cool!!!

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Glad to help you man.

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