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We all watch movies and TV shows on a daily basis or especially for students to have fun during weekends, no time or age limit to watch movies & shows it’s a fun thing and obviously these movies and tv series teach many things, and of peoples around always needed Subtitle to go grow the language or understanding the movie plus it helps them to learn English as well. this tut created for those peoples especially, and anyone who needs it.

Most used sites for subtitles: and They support most languages and is your best bet on finding subtitles if they are released. However, feel free if you know of something else where subtitles can be found (Must be an official link)! I will add them here, PM me!

Let’s make this the best subtitle thread on here!

English subs
Japanese subs


Subtitles Search Engines

TV show subtitles

DivX/HDTV/DVD Specific site

Subtitles 4 Specific Countries

  • (Arabic)
  • (Bulgarian)
  • (Dutch)
  • (Dutch)
  • (Finnish Subtitle forum)
  • (German)
  • (Swedish)
  • (Swedish)
  • (Chinese)
  • (Russian)
  • (Greek)
  • (Japanese)

Few More Sources: (For all YIFY releases) - subtitle search engine - Subtitles for Bollywood movies - Greek Subtitles - Dutch Subtitles - French Subtitles

Happy Learning & Enjoy The Sources! :blush:

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Thanks, where Can I request a new subtitle? I have a movie that I want to upload, but I need to add captions to translate the captions in other languages, I’m no a very good english speaker

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