Study Guide High Quality Method!

This is actually very easy, I came up with it by myself

So what you gotta do, is memorize up to 3 most important words in a sentence.


Pierre Joseph Rossier was a pioneering Swiss photographer whose albumen photographs, which include stereographs and cartes-de-visite, comprise portraits, cityscapes, and landscapes.

So from this we can memorize Pierre, photographer and stereographs

After you memorized the 3 words, your mind will just add more words to it, and it’ll make a full sentence.

This might sound absurd, but, go ahead, try it.

Happy learning!


This actually works man! Thanks for sharing this method. I actually read a lot of Books but remembering them is a big deal to me.


I used to do this before. And yeah it helped, but the real challenge is the amount of materials increases. When you have to cover a lot, keeping every word in your memory becomes a hard task.

I suggest using this method as a quick learning method. So you learn it quickly, but later on, you should revise it. Revision is always the key.