Strong Temp mail or 3rd party email for prime video

Hello all i have been trying to make Amazon prime video account and for that i need strong email adress for otp varification, Amazon keep blocking other 3rd party e-mails and the Only working rn that i know are gmail and yahoo and in order to make that i need phone number for otp so is there any other strong 3rd party or temp mail which doesn’t require otp for sing up? if yes then pls let me know, thank you and sorry for english.

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I dont face any problem signing up from
But i havent signed up recently, so im not sure if it works anymore.
I think amazon wont block protonmail. And you dont need phone number to get a protonmail.

1 Like works really well for me when it comes to Amazon and I was making accounts last week.

tried bro not working after making acc with iban when i put login details it keeps bringing me to login page even after logging in

yep but not working anymore

ProtonMail you can use the protonmail bot [BOT] Proton mail/VPN trial generator! Update 3.0


have you tried GMX most sites that dont allow temp emails usually let these go through ok.

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until a month ago it used to work but not anymore

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