Stocks trading and penny stocks

Dear Gentlemen,

Today I’m coming to you to ask for help, I want to start in the Stocks trading and penny stocks, so please if anyone can help me by anything (Tutorials, Good forums, Methods), I’ll be very thankful.

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There are many videos and playlists on YouTube which teach you basic and intermediate level of stock trading. If you want more professional courses, you can look up on udemy (if you can’t or don’t want to pay, there are several sites from which you can download them for free). I’m not sure but I think Coursera also has a couple of courses on stock trading which you can get for free.
One thing I would like to say is don’t go with your emotions while trading (especially with Penny stocks). This is where most of the traders (including me) make a mistake. Believe in your strategy and don’t be greedy.
All the best for your future.

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Thank you so much @Tejonhax