Stock X Easy Noob Friendly Refund Method

Working - 1 refund per month per account on same address (1item) - (1-3items lower success rate known from experience)

They are not blacklisting so worst comes to worst you don’t get your refund and either somehow sell or return the item if possible.

  1. Order item(s)

  2. Wait a 1-3 business days after receiving your package

  3. Call Stock X support or go to chat (lower success rate known from experience)

  4. Claim EB (Box was Empty) or DNA (Did Not Arrive) Claim DNA only if package wasn’t signed and say you searched the neighborhood/area and couldn’t find it.

  5. Pretend as of you actually didnt get your package and answer all questions in their favour ex: If they ask if you where home say yes, if they ask for photos of the box provide photos if you claimed EB so on and so forth…

Congratulations You Should be granted a refund shortly enjoy the product or money from selling


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