Step By Step Private Method To Make Legit Money | High Quality 💯

Hi Guys, I am back today with another HQ method!

This method is tested and is currently working.

I’ll show you how you can use this method to make Solid & Legit Cash easily!

I’ve tried to be as thorough as possible so that even a lazy noob with a minimal IQ can understand and start implementing it. Let’s start -

Today I am going to teach you how to monetize your YouTube account and will also give you a detailed information on how to make $$$$ with it.

We all know that YouTube requires a minimum of 1k Subscribers and 4k Hours of watch time to enable monetization on your channel. Here’s how you can achieve this pretty quickly.

Step 1 : Buy 1k Subscribers -

We need to buy 1k/1000 Real Subscribers , I buy these from a private source (like some good sellers on fiverr) but you can buy these from Smm panels too (the one with 30-80/day speed). Buy 1.2k of these subscribers. It costs ~$20. If you have over 1k Subscribers then you can skip this step. P.S. Some good smm panels are smmkings, e.t.c.
P.P.S. you can also buy cheap and REAL subscribers from micro jobs websites like neobux.

Step 2 : Upload First Video -

Honestly, this is the Most Important step where most people fuck up. Your first video upload is critical for your Monetization approval. The trick that works is this -
a.) Your first video must be over 5 minutes long, 10 minutes length is ideal.
b.) Your first video upload must be unique as hell. Don’t try to bullshit by copying some other video with random music and crap. You can just record anything, just go on a 10 minute walk and keep your video camera on. Don’t add any music to it even if its copyright free.
P.S. It can even be a video of your backyard of you playing with your dogs or just random birds etc for 10 minutes.

Step 3 : Upload Dummy Videos -

Upload 2-3 Videos of 2 hour length each, make sure the video contains NO SOUNDS AND NOTHING COPYRIGHTED.
AGAIN, the BEST way forward would be to record some random stuff yourself, even you can record your wall with some movement for 2-3 hours and make 2 videos. Edit them and remove their sounds etc before uploading.
If you are lazy af like me :jew: , worry not lol! Just download these random pixel videos, and upload it on your channel!(turn off the comments on your videos)

Video 1 :…2NLoSmwF9T3LLp/

Video 2 :…-ERiJlVn_MkLaH/

Step 4: Buy RAV (Real Active) Views -
Buy RAV Views (from smm panels) On both of the videos from Step 2, You can find these views on almost all the SMM Panels .
Buy 10k RAV Views on each video. (Total 20k views). It costs me $66 for 20k RAV views.
Usually you will get 4000 hours watch time with these many views, but if not then buy some more to complete it, but its unlikely to happen.

Step 5: Monetization -
When all of this is done, wait 2-3 days as cool down period and then apply for Monetization! You will most likely get it as this is the current method that all account sellers use. The success rate is not 100% honestly but its above 70% or so. If you get approved, you can easily sell the account for $300 or more OR can even use it yourself.

5-Only making 10 such accounts per month and selling them will easily make you $2k a month, which in most parts of the world is decent enough cash. Be smart and use the money you earn for other business opportunities. Don’t spend all of it buying stuff.

Some tips -
1.) You can advertise your services on facebook or fiverr or just build channels and sell them on various online marketplaces (like epicnpc). You can even take start a service to monetize other people’s accounts and take money from them for this service.

2.) Buying an old YouTube account and using that will give better results as old YouTube accounts are quite trustworthy.

3.) You can even sell these accounts on Reddit, Quora, Instagram, other forums and locally in your city.

4.) If you get rejected, rinse and repeat and you’ll get success sooner rather than later. Remember, even 6-7 accounts per month can make you $2k or more by selling them.

5.) Never try to monetize these videos, you’ll get detected. This is only for activating Monetization. Create fresh unique content if you want to use the channel for yourself.

Possibilities are endless. You just need to take action and START NOW!!

Credit to BadFella the writter of this private method.

Enjoy folks!


with all these methods you’re posting you must be rich !!!