Starting from JUST $10/month | Windows RDP/VPS (Upto 6 CPU, 16gb RAM, 320gb SSD, 1GBPS)

Bonjour Les Gars!! How’s everyone doing? This is Mike!

First of all, I am really grateful to the 1Hack mods for this opportunity to sell on OneHack as this is my very first time. I will give my best to contribute to the forum & to the interested buyers.

So Mike, What are you selling?

I’m selling a Windows RDP/VPS with upto 6 CPU, 16gb RAM, 320gb SSD & 1GBPS internet speed.

What locations can I deploy the instances on?

You can deploy the cloud compute instances on upto 16 different locations/countries.

What’s the Server Type? (OS)

The OS is Windows Server 2016 (x64) & they’re pre-activated.

What server sizes do you offer & what are their prices?

1 core CPU, 02GB Memory/Ram, 2TB Bandwidth (1 GBPS SPEED), 60 GB SSD = $10/month
2 core CPU, 04GB Memory/Ram, 3TB Bandwidth (1 GBPS SPEED), 80 GB SSD = $15/month
4 core CPU, 08GB Memory/Ram, 4TB Bandwidth (1 GBPS SPEED), 160 GB SSD = $20/month
6 core CPU, 16GB Memory/Ram, 5TB Bandwidth (1 GBPS SPEED), 55 GB SSD = $25/month

Can I do Live 24/7 streaming?

Yes, you can definitely stream 24/7 on YT & other similar platforms. We suggest a VPS with at least 4 core CPU & you’re good to go using OBS Studio.

Do you offer IPv6 support?

Yes, IPv6 is available in all of our 16 locations!

What are the 16 locations?

Tokyo, Singapore, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, London, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Dallas,
Miami, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Toronto, Sydney

Is cracking allowed?

Only in select countries :smiley:

What Payment methods do you support?

Only payments from PayPal & Stripe (Debit/Credit Card, Apple Pay, GPay) are supported!

Are there any extra costs?

Yes! PayPal & Stripe transaction fees. ($1.00 for PayPal & $2.25 for Stripe)

What will I receive after finishing the payment?

You’ll receive the login details (IP Address & Username & Password) to the instance after I’ve received your payment.

Delivery time taken?

Please allow us upto 1 hour maximum to setup your VPS.

How to buy?

Personal Message me for Buying!

First 3 users will get a 30 percent discount! Hurry up before the offer ends & the stock lasts!!


Hello mike,

your rdps come with only monthly plans?
or we can buy semi annually or annually
you selling them professionally? or reselling for a short time

Are you still providing the services?

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