Start your Passive Income | POD Websites Full Guide

The method is very efficient and noob friendly. I am posting now to prove that this method still works and can be easily implemented, with no specific skills required.

Let me post this method in Q&A format

  1. What is this method about?
    A. Finding a POD website and upload designs on those websites. Once they make a sale… You earn a commission every sale.

  2. What is the process involved uploading designs.
    A. You should upload a design and select a product from list of products they can fulfill. Once the design is uploaded…They will create a mockup and list it on their website.

  3. What are the best websites to start with?
    A. Here are the list of websites you can upload:

  4. Do I need to be a designer to make money on those websites?
    A. It’s like asking “Do I need to be a Model?” to make money on OnlyFans or Adult websites. If you are a designer, You can make money without incurring any expenses. Others have to hire a designer… Better to learn photoshop for making small edits on Original design.

  5. Where to start?
    A. Find a funny quotes, do some research on Teespring, Amazon and search youtube like this “”. Hire a designer and get your design. Start uploading and repeat.

  6. How to scale this shit?
    A. Let’s say you are getting sales for this design: “Of course I am Awesome, I am a Teacher”. Get the PSD from the designer and edit yourself to save money or ask him for a bulk price. scale it with different professions, names etc. Sky is the limit.

  7. Best advice you can give us?
    A. Don’t really abuse the platform. Don’t upload cheap quality designs. They will suspend your account and all your hard-work would go in vain.

  8. How to get the traffic?
    A. Frankly speaking, We have done nothing in the beginning. But we use to stuff good keywords/tags while uploading the design. Later stage, we have tried Pinterest, Wanelo to pin the URLS. That boosted our sales for sure. I am noob in SEO… Use your own SEO skills to get the traffic.

9-10. Can we automate this?
A. There are tools but I never used. You can build imacros to automate uploading. But I don’t suggest… Just get a VA if you are busy.

  1. I am a creative and hardcore designer… Do I have any place to sell my designs & make more money?
    A. Yes. Here you go:




  5. So what now?
    A. If you are still searching for methods. Stop here and start working.

Source: Medium


Will try… Thanks by the way…

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Well listed sources. The article only lacks the directions for something called the “Initial Market”. This can be achieved by getting your designs to social platforms.

  1. Get the mock-ups via
    Best mock-up sites written by Vincent xia on medium.
  2. Create logo and a brand name along other necessities via
    Best sites to get logos
  3. Then get your brand up at social platforms like twitter, instagram, and Many more
  4. Remember to use various Hash tag techniques
    This will fetch initial sales and set up your market. Ditch the niches, do whatever hits your mind.
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