Spotify won't let me login [Error Code :17]

I am A New Member. So I am having problems, I live in Bangladesh so Spotify is still not available officially
So, for two months now, I am having this error even after using VPN(Nord VPN).

So please tell me what should I do. I used to use VON to use Spotify but now I cant. If anyone can solve this please answer

you need to setting your profile country to same as your VPN country, you can change it in edit profile open the spotify website and go to -> /account/profile/

My one is set to the USA and the VPN is also set to a US Server ,Tried changing the server like usa-new york ,usa illinois still does not work

try different VPN
try to connect to Diiferent server spciallY INDIAN server Cz it will reduce your Lag…

if it still did nt open try to remove spotify APP data and everything and open again…

i assume you have your own Account. ( & If YOu are using some cracked account better to use cracked APK which will found in torrent)