Spotify BIN Trick | Free Upgrade Premium Account 🎵

:partying_face: New upgrade method for Spotify is here :partying_face:


  1. Download any VPN. (I use ZenMate, because it is widely available on many websites and forums for free)

  2. Start the VPN with USA location.

  3. Create a new account on Spotify or use yours with 30 day trial.

  4. Go to this site ARAPALS Credit Card Generator and Check the 3 boxes >>> Data, CCV2 & Tipo Banco image with this BIN 530704xxxxxxxxxx image and click this image

  5. Go to this site Valid Card Number Checker and check the generated fullz if they are Live & Valid or not?

    if it is not then keep on trying until you find the working one.

  6. On created Spotify account click on start 30 day free trial.

  7. Fill the informations and to postal code type this 10080

  8. Start the trial. :partying_face: :musical_note:


  1. If dont work, keep trying again and again until you suffer and die. XD



Bin Spotify Premium :beginner:

:outbox_tray:| Bin: 49608873x52xxxxx

:outbox_tray:| Fecha: 09/23

:outbox_tray:| CVV: rnd

:postbox:| IP: Your Own ( Change Payment Country To Dominion Republic :dominican_republic:)

:cyclone:| Link :-

:cyclone:| CC Gen :-


thnx, i’m die

Thank You!

Thanks bro

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thnx made one acc with it.

Hey, it worked. I have a doubt. Will the Live CC be “charged”? I mean will the person having the CC be legally filing a case or something?

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dude this is a fake cc so it will never be charged


How did you mae it work bro? I tried a lot of generated cc but none worked!

I am not a “bro” actually :smiley:

Anyway, I generated 1000 of them and just kept on trying till it worked

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Thanks, it worked this time. But what after free trial? :stuck_out_tongue:

ty, it worked after 24 tries

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Thank you. Worked like a charm!

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Does it work after the free trial period?

Thanks! Friend.

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It worked, but now my location is stuck in Dominican Republic and many songs dont play.

the site wont open at all

pls share combination.

ok 4960887375268281|09|2023|678

I suppose you do it again. I mean you only have to do it 12 times a year