SPEED UP Copying/ Transfering Files

Hi Guys
Is there any method or software to reach maximum copying/ moving/ pasting files speed on windows 10 such 100MB/s?


you can use TERACOPY TERACOPY, but it totally depends on your disk type, SSD give read write speeds of about 120-440 MBps


Thank you bro

thanks, it seems good

teracopy provides the MAX same speed but you can modulate the speed in it. right?

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I think you need to understand a term of “Random Memory Access”.

When you try to create/copy files, you will lose some bandwidth in creating files’ header which will be slow the transfer or stream.

You should try some experiments yourself, you will see how to optimize:

  1. Copy folder
  2. Zip it first and copy the zip file

To be Honest , I dont use Teracopy now, I had it installed when I was using a HDD and it gave me around 3x more speed. I dont remember if one can modulate the speed, the speed should be maximum all the time right? I stopped using it when i upgraded to a SSD with capabilities of Momentum Cache . I am easily getting transfer speeds of around 300 MBps from one partition to another on the SSD without TERACOPY

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