Someone with knowledge of ollydbg or some Cracking software?

Hello friends! I am trying to crack a software with Ollydbg, but with the normal methods I cannot. Can somebody help me? If necessary, I can pay by Paypal. Thanks a lot!

The basic requirements would be the knowledge of

  1. Registers and Flags

  2. Assembly language

3.A Debugger like OllyDBG

What you need to do, focus on the basic things like registers and their roles in code execution. Then you have to learn a little bit of assembly language. And finally start practicing. You can obviously start with OllyDBG.

There are great blogs and lectures available online, A few of them would be

Use Google translate to view tut

has a help section in their sidebar that might be of use.

Tuts 4 You - Ollydbg Collection 2011

Tuts 4 You - Collection 2011.txt (122.7 KB)

Ctrl + F Search for Ollydbg in the text file you will find many tuts and use uTorrent to download their courses via provided magnet link.

Base 32 Hash-ID


Base 16 Hash-ID


Please remember to seed the torrent and help share the knowledge within the reversing community.

I hope this satisfies the leechers, thank you!

Some example of cracking…