Some amazing facts

Here are some of the most amazing facts
Brain facts

  1. Memory works best between 8-12 am and after 9 pm ,worst of all right after lunch.

  2. We can only sustain high level of concentration for 45 minutes.

  3. Your sense of smell is the sense best attached to your memory.

  4. Writing negative thoughts and tossing them into trash improves your mood.

  5. Talking to yourself can make your brain work more efficiently.

  6. Day dreaming is good for your brain.

  7. Learning new things changes your brain and increases your intelligence.

  8. Thinking in non-native language requires a lot of cognitive abilities, it makes the decision making process slower, less biased, more reliable and promotes analytical thinking.

  9. Never tell your goals to anyone because it chemically satisfies the brain and that’s similar to completing it and you might not achieve it.

  10. Eating chocolate helps reduce stress.

                      Genius quotes of the day
  11. No genius has ever existed without some touch of madness.

  12. We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

                    Creepy facts 
  13. When you wake up around 2-3am without any reason there is 80% chance there is someone staring at you.

  14. Your brain can sense someone staring at you .Even when asleep this explain why you randomly wake up at night.

  15. You meet approximately 12 serial killers in life without knowing it.

  16. 3am is called the devil’s hour because it is said that the veil between our world and other is thin for demons, spirit’s and interdimensional creatures.

  17. Cut the ping pong ball into two halves and tape them on your eyes staring at red light listening to static music, you will have complex and vivid hallucination.

  18. According to paranormal investigators, never leave any of chair empty at night especially if your room is air conditioned because spirits mostly exist in cold places and they often sit on empty chair and stare at you.

  19. Your body is weakest during 3-4am .this is the time most people die in their sleep.

  20. A time traveller stated that on September 11,2018 a child will be born by the name jaynou Oliver beck who will be elected as 56th president of US on November 3rd, 2082.we now have the evidence that the child was born with exactly the same name.

  21. After 10 minutes of watching yourself in mirror in dimly lit room, your brain gets bored and distorts your reflection causing imaginary monsters like bloody Mary. Individuals who have experienced described the feeling to be more realistic than reality.

  22. Someone posted about Michael Jackson death with 100% accurate details 5 hours before his actual death on wikipedia. No one paid attention to that because everyone thought it was just a prank. No single details was ever found about that person.

I hope you enjoyed learning.