[SOLVED] Youtube can't monetize from the video with copyright claims

Hi Guys,
I just created a youtube channel but planning to close the channel as i’m getting too many copyright claims although this is not a strike but cant monitize from the video.

Need you’re help to solve this.


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First of all, We don’t require a channel or video links here (channel link removed). You keep your channel or remove it, but the Moral is, Youtube never did, never does, never was, never will accept/approve any copyrighted material for Monetizing.

Let me solve this properly:

Youtube has changed too many things for Monetization, you can get these answers from Youtube Community itself. and Copyrighted material won’t get monetized in any direction if you’re getting Copyright claims it should be because you’re copying someone’s else content, it might be video or music. and how could anyone fool Youtube by copying stuff and put it under monetization?. no one unless you have any idea how to break it. you better learn what actually Monetization is.

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Well, closing the channel, or keep it running that’s your choice, if something that you can run easily without facing any issue then goes for it, if you don’t know why these strikes and complaints coming for, then you must dig in and read the Copyright on YouTube & Copyright Infringement Area at Youtube. get learned why they made for, when they pop-up and how to avoid copyright notices against the videos you create or copy. (Re-uploading someone’s else video by cutting or adding your own logo and music won’t stop anything because music to video both can be claimed by owners, you won’t get a single penny from it in fact, you will earn strike soon)

Strikes > Video taken down by youtube after receiving copyright complaint. (3rd Strike End Of Channel’s Story)
Copyright Notice > It appears underneath of your videos in manager, this music or video is own by this brand or company, it’s a notice, not removal, it says if somehow copyright owner does consider takedown then it will take down, otherwise, no monetization from this video. (No limit, your channel is earning nothing, monetization will get wiped plus no limit when and what spot your videos will taken-down. run your channel as for fun)
Video Blocked > The video not visible to this this countries, because owners blocked it, no matter in what state it visible or don’t have a copyright claim, it’s a waste no monetization. (Repeating the same action several times may lead account suspension)

I’m sure this is enough solution, if you need more ideas then you can get them from the Youtube insider community itself, they share legit solutions. Good luck!



It is quite hard to create videos in that niche.

Thats how you get paid for making original stuff


I don’t believe in original stuff, let me ask you a question
How many people actually write a library and how many people use those library to solve there shit.
The latter is more.
PS been coding over a decade.

Why cant you be the people who actually writes libraries . you already said youre coding over a decade why cant you be a coder and being a user then ?


You’re lazy af and need to gain some knowledge about copyrighted content before asking these dumb questions here .

PS -

this is bs aint coding .

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@Summer_Jance @syntax_hacker Before you both go further or deep, Read the terms, and avoid ruining the thread by losing control and being out of the track, I can close the thread but that’s not the solution. others also have room to continue if they need any assistance regarding this subject in the future. So please, avoid dealing with each other this way. The opinion is welcome but avoid threat or judging. No more fishy stuff!