[SOLVED] Using bin is legal?

Hi All,
I have some doubts, If I register hotstar or netflix using bin generator. It’s legal or not? and it’s traceable or not(like police / hotstar account admins etc)?. Using vpn like(nordovpn) is 100% safe. Please explain in detail.


The cardholder will undoubtedly know his/her debit card has been used without their authorization. I’m no attorney, but would imagine that would fall under the umbrella of fraud . I would recommend not taking that word lightly and research what the repercussions are in your country/state.

How does Netflix charge my account?

What’s an authorization?

Authorizations are requests sent by Netflix to your financial institution to verify that your payment method works. These requests are not charges, but in some cases they may affect your available account balance.

Why does an authorization affect my available balance?

Netflix submits an authorization for a certain dollar amount, which can vary by region or by financial institution. This dollar amount temporarily affects your available balance , because your financial institution is checking to see if you have those funds available.

Netflix does not actually collect this authorization amount, and the authorization will automatically drop off your account after a certain time. Check with your financial institution for details on how long it takes for them to release the funds.

source: How does Netflix charge my account?

I would imagine the cardholder will see a transaction for a minimum amount, say $.01 with the notation Netflix attached. It will eventually be reversed, but a record of the transaction will be visible to the cardholder. They’re just testing to see if the account is valid.

If you want a nickel’s worth of free advice, do not use BIN generated cards, any debit or credit cards for any reason without their explicit authorization, Only if you wish to stay out of hot water. :+1:


Nothing is safe in this world mate but in using bins we are not taking any body’s money so it’s illegal but not harm anyone in any manner.


Thanks to all guys for your valuable suggestions.

If you’re caught doing so, you can get 1 to 5 years in jail based on the amount you use from the credit card.

Depending on the amount used, the charges can change from misdemeanor to felony.

However, its very uncommon for the police to go after said person unless they have local leads about it.