[SOLVED] Turn Wordpress into Webview android application

Hello guys ,
I made a wordpress website and now i wanna turn it into webview android app .
I saw alot of videos on youtube and they are all 5 mins and 10 mins but i failed to do like them .
Does anyone have a ready webview app that i can edit the website name somehow and put mine ?
Thanks alot guys and i hope that my request fits in the community guidelines


Try appyet.com

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I have two codecanyon.net listing. But you have to correct gradle and other sources to comply with latest Android Version, If this help PM , I will send it to you


thanks alot guys , i used appsgeyer and it did the job :))

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Is it also possible i get them too?

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You are welcome, send me a PM, I will send it to you

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can you share with me?