[SOLVED] The perfect reliable source of free storage

Hello friends, can anyone suggest a very good reliable storage space as an alternative of google drive./ google photos . to save personal photos and videos of around 50GB+ and for future too.


google photos

It will be limited from June 2021.

Only 100GB free. More than 100GB paid.

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It’s time to Solve:

First of all, check this out: Awesome Storage | File Sharing & File System Resources ⭐

Finally, Google Drive changes the terms for drives so better read the support guide, after Google drive, we talk about Mega.nz, 50GB free storage, no shit, useful, fast, secure and maximum features for users, what if I say, I have 8 different Mega accounts and what capacity I have In total? 400GB, doesn’t it make any sense? and Mega has no serious rules and no abuse to use multiple accounts by a single user.

Then we have Mediafire with 10 GB, Wait what about Zippyshare?
100% Free, No Download Limits, Up to 500MB per File, Unlimited Disk Space, No Sign Up Required.

And one of the best service Dropbox, it also provide 50GB to free users, cloud.mail.ru also a good service, Yandex Disk also good, Pcloud also good, Box also good, Onedrive also one of the best, Icedrive, Workdrive, IDrive, sync.com, Etc!

I hope it’s enough to get one and get started, Good luck!




For now, can be said… Solved… In fact, in evolution… lol…


don’t forget dubox.com (offers 1T.B)
just got recently shared here best part its totally free and fast.