[SOLVED] TextNow has stopped the SMS Verification

Hi everyone!
Today when I was trying to access my PayPal account which has been previously verified with TextNow SMS is now inaccessible as it’s showing following Text instead.

Any help will be appreciated a lot.

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upgrade ur acc :heart_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Use 2nd line

Either pay or hack it :sunglasses:

Well I tried to but I think there is only option to upgrade which is to purchase a sim card and in my case its impossible. As I’m not a USA citizen and nor residing there.

No brother just do the payment they just provide u a number reserved only for you For the time period u want :upside_down_face:They only need payment it is not necessary if u are form us or any other country

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what they said >. Ajisafe_Eniola