[SOLVED] Text to Speech Generation

Hello Friends,

Could you please recommend a software that could generate Real Human sounds for Audio Books? I tried and tested Windows 10 Text To Speech tool with Adobe Audition but the results were not good.

As of now, I am seeking a Free solution to practice a bit with good quality output. Rest your opinion will help me to move ahead.



You better search before asking anything. anyways! Windows 10 TTS not that worth.

Here’s the solution: Go to this topic: Text To Speech (TTS) Listen To Your Books Any Sentence You Want! and try it. You can also read the replies below if you need an extension or something.

Here’s another one: Text To Speech Trick Use Chrome Bookmark To Read Text Out Loud 🤣

Remember, there are no favourite expectations like if you want a Voice in Tom Cruise, Tom Hardy voices. lol, the all possible and suitable good hearing voices available above, other than that no choices unless anyone speaks in their own voices according to need. So don’t bother yourself by expecting more voices around. Have a nice buddy! :blush:


Thank you Sam. I downloaded it.
The problem in my case is that I downloaded many Microsoft Language as well as Speech but I cannot see all of them. Only two voice packs are available.

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Read the threads above. everything already there. Good luck!