[SOLVED] Some video niches or topics to make videos

I am starting another youtube video channel and thinking of starting some niche topic or a certain kind of videos . Kindly give some ideas or things you would love to watch and examples if you have.
My strong points:
Animated Videos
Top 10 videos

Thank you.

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If you can create ANIMATED VIDEOS then try to make a CS:GO PARODY VIDEO, I can a sure you a couple of MILLION VIEWS, if the script and animation will be good.

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Thanks bro. But i think its a lot of animation work for a new channel and i have made only information animation not character animation yet. Also voice in these videos should be good otherwise animation will be wasted. I would require a team for this kind of project. Will think about this when i will have enough money to hire some expert guys. Thanks again bro.

make another linus tech tips, he must be dethroned :wink:


if that’s the case then you’ve to specify what kind of ANIMATION can you do and what you can’t.

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the guy started very early and his niche was unique then everyone copied him. now he is a little boring for me… I don’t think i can build $100,000 PCs with rainbow lighting. Will definetly build a quantum computer in my life.

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Then, what about puzzle solving or toys?

Music instruments?

I don’t really know you, so im not sure what exactly you’re knowledgeable about. But that should be the core of your channel.

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Honest opinion:

It’s been 2 days almost, and probably you got this idea earlier like it’s been more than 5 days. so the moral is if you already have knowledge for specific subjects, why don’t you spread videos? and see what peoples like and intend to watch?. I mean you’re not going to create videos for specific peoples, anyone can watch, who watch, when they watch, what they want to watch it’s not confirmed, you can’t judge or estimate anything unless you try and then decide to make a comparison like ‘‘this this this and these peoples like the most so which one should I keep to spread’’. it makes sense.

Look, I’m an honest dude, I spend maximum on a bunch of cases to read, I always love to bring down the natural terms & conditions regarding such subjects you peoples probably never care of. what if I say ‘‘You are waiting to get suggestions and there someone already started doing this because you have spread the idea which is worth it’’ idea’s are so expensive never let it get leaked beside you sell it because it’s yours. (It also belongs to if you ever wanted to start any business, make sure to whom you’re sharing the idea) I’m sure you understand what I’m saying…

anyway, instead of waiting what anyone intends to watch, you better do it and let them watch what have you made if it’s worth watching they will Dig-in and it depends on the audience to decide, so they be. in these 5 days, you could be able to figure it out already. but you lose these moments. it’s not late, create what you want to spread considering your knowledge. that’s all.

Tip: You created something, It’s true most peoples may spy on your videos, in fact, they might dislike because they wanted to share it earlier. sometimes, peoples dislike things that actually better than someone else and sometimes a waste video took 50k views.

Bottom line: If you know how to make anyone to Dig-in then go ahead and push them into it. no matter you create ‘‘How to walk alone at midnight’’ trust me title sounds interesting now it depends on you what would you inside the video to express it. Love ya all’

Happy Learning! :+1:


Thanks Sam i got your and some other guys great suggestions .Thank you. I will start soon. You can close the topic sam. thanks everyone.

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