[SOLVED] Server Education websites

Hi every buddy I need know some important and helpful website where system or network admin guide and train new and young system or network admin related to servers all types (web, db, backup etc.) creation, configuration, troubleshoot and management education in every technology Cloud and Virtualization, every environment Windows and Linux, related to security pen-testing and bug bounty, network automation programming language concepts Python, MySQL, Powershell or Termanal where I and other people learn and create, manage and secure our own or any company and organization server and IT infrastructure.


goto cybrary.it

Whenever someone says they want to get into system administrator all in all, IT or programming and asks where to start I say the same thing.

Install Gentoo

Yeah, I’m an weirdo. It’s not just a 4chan joke. It’s the Linux distro with no installer. No built in anything. You need to choose what components you want at an annoyingly granular level. Just you, a terminal, and commands.

After 4–12 hours they should have it installed. Or they have questions. All questions are to be directed at the internet. If they don’t install it, that’s the end of my advice. I tried, now you are on your own. You lack discipline.

If they did install it I ask them if they would do it again for 100 bucks this time. If the answer is yes, they have what it takes. If not, they should do something else.

Free CCNA Course - the most complete guide

Microsoft Virtual Academy is a great resource for learning Microsoft and cloud technologies.

Linux Home Networking


VIM Adventures - Learn VIM while playing a game learn how to use vim editors.


Thank buddy