[SOLVED] Ransomware is here, Please Help me

Hello, everyone!
I am facing a ransomware issue and I am very worried about it because I don’t have access to any of my files on my laptop. All my files are replaced by OOSS file formate and i can’t even open a single file. The virus is STOP DEJVU, I searched a lot but didn’t get anything. I hope you guys will figure something out. Please help me fix this issue Brothers.


First Disconnect Your Laptop from internet and wipe out your drives and recover data with good recovering software i think that is the only option now :blush: Also Where did you get that Ransomware Attack From ??!


I was installing Kmspico in order to activate Microsoft Office and a code ran in CMD in the background, when i restarted my laptop everything was changed. The file format was changed to OOSS format.


Download cracked software’s from trusted sites to avoid these Attacks and Viruses.


@MNation I’ll take of that next time… but what about my data that is affected… will it be possible to recover the data after wiping out the drives?

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Good luck! :+1:


" OOSS file format ransomware "
search this on google and try the top 3 youtube videos.
Hope it will help.