[SOLVED] Please How to convert Udemy mp4.Ufo video

Hey guys, please can someone help me on how to convert udemy offline video from .UFO to MP4 and play it on my PC.
I downloaded the courses via udemy mobile app and I can’t play or view it because of the format it uses.


Instead of doing it that way. You can try this (https://github.com/FaisalUmair/udemy-downloader-gui/releases)[Udeler]

This will download it directly as .mp4 and has options to download the subtitles and attachments optionally as well.


In the past years they’ve started encrypting mp4 files!

  • So now a days files as mp4.ufo which is making them impossible for offline view! & other options like udemy-dl or udeler is the only option left!

The best option is to Use Udeler: