[SOLVED] Please Help, for this E-Mail

today, I got an E-mail from Unknow that, said I got hacked, and if I don’t send him a money it will publish my Information, but on my Computer I have a Paid McAfee Antivirus, and my Laptop work greatly, and I did not open any harm website on my Laptop, so I need your Suggestions, is that I’m Hacked?
Thanks for Helping.
this is the E-mail:



This mail is fake, it doesn’t matter if you pay to him or not he doesn’t has nothing of your information. If you want to be sure 100% scan your computer if it has virus or not. But just ignore it is random message and change password of some important account.

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Thanks for your reply :blush:


that’s a spam message. be careful bro. scammers and bots everywhere nowadays since the birth of bitcoin.


Something I’ve found helpful since you mentioned passwords is to have a different password for everything.
But this is done in a way that I can remember.

Maybe you have a password, but then you add something to it using a consistent strategy.

Yes this sounds confusing, let me explain.
For example, Amazon could be "your Password"262966.
That’s “Amazon” turned into numbers using a telephone keypad.

There are lots of strategies to use, and I won’t divulge mine here, but this makes it so you can
have a different password for everything.


Thanks for the advice.

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Here’s what you should do now,

  1. Check if your email or phone is in a data breach, by using https://haveibeenpwned.com/

  2. Use a Open-Source Password Manager, i recommends

  3. Upgrade McAfee to Kaspersky Total antivirus, i have 1 year subs key if you want (DM me). ofcourse its free of cost :smiley:

  4. Lastly, but so important…
    use any of temporary mail site, do not put your personal mail everywhere you browse.
    i recommends, temp-mail.org/ or https://relay.firefox.com/

Happy Learning!
Stay Safe!


That was Helpful, Thank you Very Much