[SOLVED] PayPal money receiving problem

I requested a payout from Linkvertise on the 8th of March and the payment got successful according to Linkvertise on the 12th of March, but actually I didn’t receive the payment till now. Since I do not live in the US or Germany(Linkvertise’s home country) is there a problem with international payment - like it takes time or something? I do not live in any obscured country with any controversial involvement just for your information. I have requested support from Linkvertise today so I have to wait for the reply.

Somethings I have doubts on :

  1. The email provided to Linkvertise is the same as PayPal’s.
  2. I have never used my PayPal account before either receiving or paying. This is my first use.
  3. I have added a bank account and a card long before when I created the account for verification reasons but never did an actual transaction. Should I add another account or card?
  4. My real name and PayPal Account are different but in Linkvertise I have provided the PayPal name and email. Might that be a problem?
  5. In this section, I have provided my real name and address. Is that a problem because after this section there is a section to provide my PayPal Name and Email which I provided accordingly.
  6. Lastly, does it normally takes a long time for international payment? I have waited 3 days but of no use.

If anyone has any experience with PayPal, Linkvertise, and such issues, please suggest a solution to this issus.

they are facing some payment issues and they will process your payment by the end of this month

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Worth it, Read em and you will be able to know such things and causes behind the scene.

Sometimes a few services took 14/15 Business days to proceed. You also mentioned you have never used your PayPal it’s your first time? most knowable reason > Paypal block payments due to verification, make sure your email was verified and your account wasn’t at hold. if your payment gets stuck, then it mostly takes 15 business days to unblock the payment (A couple of months ago A friend of mine has gone through this process when he chose to PayPal to PayPal transfer). PayPal system catches this kind of payment under verification error, you can read the PayPal FAQ. and check with Linkvertise as well what they say.

Let me put this as an example, so you can easily determine such causes that mostly happens between the services: See that bank info thing? it’s true.

Payoneer does support receiving payments from PayPal , but the thing is, PayPal doesn’t like the bank details that Payoneer provides (since we offer virtual accounts and not “true” accounts, since money can 't actually be withdrawn from them) and thus a link between PayPal and Payoneer is often not possible.

Anyway, let see if anyone who has gone through this process with linkvertise to PayPal, any experience they got earlier. they are welcome to put their experience here.

Good luck! :+1:


Fortunately, Linkvertise has a good support system and they replied that this often happens and they the payment is still in processing phase. I would not have applied for PayPal but it is the only way there.
I will look through the links, it’s very informative. Thank you.


The money was refunded by Linkvertise.
They said this:


Inorder to proceed. you need a verified PayPal account to receive funds online!

Check the links @SaM has shared above! :slight_smile:

You can apply for 3 payments each month. This means that if they are of e.g. 3 July 2019 to July 26 2019 have already requested 3 times a payout, they must wait until August 1, 2019 to request further payment.

If you have not yet registered any bank details or Paypal accounts, you can also link this in the “Payments” area at the top right.