[SOLVED] payload bypass


i have created a payload via spynote but its always detected by play protect or antivirus how to bypass this is there any trick for that or any solution? i tried apk easy tool but didn’t work… please guide me where i am wrong… also i want to bind up with pdf.


Check these out

I know how to create a FUD . I’m sharing a video.
Link : here
If it says error in playback number then see my last threads Google drive error Trick

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Use apk-signer to bypass Google Play Protect and post installation scanner Apk-signer is an app which assign a new signature to an apk u can assign a new signature to your payload through it and miui scanner and Google play protect will not detect it but AntiVirus like Avast detect it I have tried this 1 months before now I don’t know that it is still detectable or not u can download apk-signer from play store and if apk-signer don’t work then u can use zip signer u will not get zip signer on playstore

To make it undetectable, bind with other apk, etc. But signing apk with using apktool is no more works so that’s why we use apk-editor pro to sign apk payloads. So today we find out new way to sign apk with termux. So if you guys excited let’s get started.

Requirements :-

  • Internet Connection
  • Termux

We need to install apksigner package in Termux by using given command.

$ apt-get update && upgrade

$ apt install apksigner

$ apksigner -h

Now it show you the helping commands of apksigner package.

Usage :-

$ apksigner -p (enter-any-string) payload.apk signed-payload.apk

Now press enter and wait a second and it sign your payload apk file. :slight_smile:


Undetectable :-

As its name described “Generate undetectable apk payloads” with this bash script or tool.

Undetectable helps you to generate fully undetectable payload of metasploit which can bypass android antivirus.

Generate Undetectable Payload With Undetectable Tool

Note :- You must need to sing payload apk for install it in victim device.


How To Manually Sign APK’s with Jarsigner & Zipalign


  • Also, there is dedicated folder in ParrotOS and lscript contains some tools, you can create undetectable payloads. Don’t forget about Metasploit.

share video tutorial plz