[SOLVED] Our State is Block Out from internet from past 5 Month

Our State is Block Out from internet from past 5 Month is there any way that I can help them so that they can use internet freely without any restrictions and they can use internet connection hope there is a solution that can help us


Which state? Kashmir?


Would tor or any VPN help in bypassing these limits?

Sensitive matter it will remain blocked.

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The internet isn’t dependent on an operating government. However, in the US, the government does supposedly have an internet “kill” switch.

Use another connection method, satellite (mentioned elsewhere) , PPP serial between nodes, Dialup (PPP) to a node outside the blackout zone. Ham band (AX.25) or establish a Mesh network.

part of the reason the Internet is so hard to ‘shut down’ is the many ways to bypass, and reestablish the interconnections.

Build Your Own Internet with Mobile Mesh Networking

So the possible loss of connectivity is not if the government itself shuts down, but rather if the government is still operating at some level, and opts to shut down the internet, which they would likely do only to create an information black-out condition, an ominous move indeed.

However, if they blocked all the local providers from giving internet access and this is you are asking about a wired internet connection, then it is not possible without having a local provider on your side (who can provide access to the last-mile , the wire/cable connecting to your home ).

  • For this reason, some people are interested in a user-owned mesh network independent of centralized control, as the internet was meant to be. As far as I know, that network does not yet exist, at least not on a large scale, but it could.

No vpn will work

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It’s an internal security issue of India!! Internet shutdown is done for a reason!!
Further information regarding this issue could start some fight!! so its better to leave it alone.


Hey, bro did you try connecting roaming network ? Because during the shutdown in my state, (10 days shutdown) I personally not talking about others… was able to access the internet through roaming network. Because the government only banned the mobile networks and broadband. If you are lucky enough like me you can too use the internet and tell others the process. Here’s what I did…

  1. Go-to your nearest mobile cell tower stand like 300 meteres close to the tower. If done so follow next step.
  2. Go-to mobile networks settings. Turn on data roaming. You will see a R+ symbol in your phone. That defines your mobile is in roaming network.
  3. Open any app Google, youtube, etc etc… You will have connection

I have, tested it with more than 10 cell towers in my district. ( I sent this method to my friends they were able to use…) I didn’t tell it to everyone but some of my friends. I have proof using WhatsApp, sending messages, visiting onehack :grin: and so on…I don’t give same guarantee it will work in your location. Still try your best. If working give me a + feedback thanks. Apology I can’t mention the state name.