[SOLVED] Nord VPN Combos Not Working!

Hello everyone

So there are a lot of combolist dumps on the internet, and I got to know recently about using them to gain entry to the paid or premium services. Since there are a lot of Nord Vpn dumps, I tried it out first. But, neither the windows or the android apps are working. I don’t get any errors on android, and it keeps connecting for forever. On windows, an error appears saying PASSWORD:Verification Failed:‘Auth’ and I don’t know what to do.

Is cracking this tough? :sob: please help me solve this

did u allow nord vpn in firewall?
and why r u trying acs from combolists
u hv to choose from hits if u want a working one…
check in nord website if u can login first…

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Because the account you sign in have many people using it. try other account. Good luck.


@Code.404 is right! That’s the only solution!

Because it is in use by somebody else. (Max User Limit)

This happens to me when I use a NordVPN account from a dump.

  • Try to use the same account again after some time, just remember to close the app properly from task manager! :+1: