[SOLVED] ngrok tcp problem

hi, i m newbie here for those things. I am using ngrok tcp details for metasploit payload. but little bit confuse if i restart my kali server then ngrok tcp details same and i got the access of victim’s ? i am testing metasploit by using ngrok tcp host:port setting. i already installed the payload on mobile emulator if i restart kali then i am able to access that infected mobile or not? is there any other tutorial method where i can use instead of ngrok which can not be change every time pc restart. thanks in advance sorry in advance if my queries is not in proper English :frowning:

The ngrok’s port always gets changed after a restart, and you payload becomes useless.

  • Try Serveo, it provides facility to request a specific port and also you can request specific subdomain, so you don’t have to create a new payload everytime you start new ngrok session.