[SOLVED] Network Unlock on android phone

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If anyone kind enough to direct me to relevant resources of doing “Network unlock” on locked android phones.



You need a sim Card if the country you bought your Phone in. If you have ut, just put it and when it shows roaming Network, call it’s Costumer Care for at least 10 minutes and it would be unlocked. This worked on samsung devices

Yes, you can unlock your network locked phone without buying an unlock code. For this you have to ask your service provider to get the unlock code. If your account is in good standing and your contract period is expired then they will provide you the unlock code for free.

Get The SIM Network Unlock PIN by Contacting Network OR Carrier service provider:

Contact to your network service provider and ask them to **“SIM network Unlock Code” **for Free. Make sure you are following all the requirements to get a free network unlock code

These may include the following:

  • a) Make Sure your phone is clean and out of contract that means its used the carrier at least for 3-6 months (varies from carrier to carrier).

  • b) Make Sure you have no dues that means you paid for the smartphone in full.

  • c) The phone is not blacklisted or blocked by the network

Contact the Carrier you Want to switch to

Many carriers are allow to unlock a phone if you are coming from one of their opponent. Call the carrier that you want to go to and ask if they can work out a deal in which they unlock your phone for you.

Make sure you are using the same network type that your phone supports. The two major network types are GSM (AT&T and T-Mobile) and CDMA (Sprint and Verizon).

  • One another method to unlock your phone for free by using software but it is not recommended as it may damage your device.

  • Also there are some sites offering free unlock codes but there is some tricks inside the free code or they are scammers. So finally it is not free at all.

However the safest method to unlock your phone is through unlock code from any trusted or reputable unlocking service like www.codes2unlock.com Many people had used them already without any issue.

Always Check Reviews Before Making Any Purchase!