[SOLVED] Need to remove copyright issues from YouTube videos

Read these A to Z and you will get the information regarding uploading to copyright, traffic, monetizing, etc!

Recently new feature announced:

About Music/OST/Soundtrack/Song:

Example: Ali Zafar sang a song, and a company that directed/produced the song uploaded it at Youtube under their copyright agreement. do you really think, Atif Aslam can claim it? it does make sense.

You can’t remove copyright unless you get permission from the copyright company/brand, as I mentioned the topic above, Youtube probably allows users to cut the copyrighted area from their videos if they took any clip from anywhere to make videos, but from entire music video/audio, it’s not possible. now think is you’re about to upload OST?. how come you stop copyright? I believe there is only one solution. MUTE the OST. LOL

Solution: Honestly, stop using music/video that you don’t own, furthermore, Contact the releaser and ask for permission if they allow you then it can be possible. otherwise, keep uploading and let OST run as long as much they can. remember, you can’t claim my copyrighted signature and I can’t claim yours.

Good luck! :+1: