[SOLVED] Need Help: Write to disk: Access Denied” error with uTorrent


i am getting this error on window 7 …anyone could you please help


You have run uTorrent as admin privilege(right click the icon-> run as administrator).

tried running through admin but getting same error

I need
where is the download location?
What about UAC setting in Win 7? is it off?

Stop that download. Close your utorrent . I mean shut it down completely. After that reopen it and start the download again. Should work. If it doesn’t right click on the download and select recheck files.

utorrent download location is : C:\Users\kundan\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent

UAC is not off…

downloading latest version, 2min

follow these steps .i hope this will help you

  1. close you torrent .
  2. exit from here too as shown in image
  3. after some time reopen the torrent
  4. right click on the effected torrent file and click [force to recheck]
  5. than right click and than chose start or force to start
    thank you

@Kundan_Singh Thanks for asking!

Well considering replies I’m glad users tried to help you, Anyways here i am at your service to help you and others. Continue reading…

Error Name: Access Denied
Defination: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process
Definition: This issue is much less common in most of µTorrent versions, but it is still possible to fix the problem. Antivirus utilities may block a file if they think it’s potentially harmful.
Solution: Exstrong textcluding the download folders from indexing should solve the issue.

Similar Error Name: Data Error
Definition: (cyclic redundancy check) and torrent halts.
Description: This is an error reported by your hard drive. It means that your HDD was unable to read or write the data because it is starting to fail.
Solution: Deep scan HDD, or run disk check to read proper index and health, else replace new HDD.

Another Easy Solution:

  1. Right click on the torrent displaying the message error: write disk…
  2. Go to “advanced”
  3. Go to “set download location”
  4. Simply click the “downloads” option under favorites (if you have windows 7 like me)

If you don’t have windows 7, simply choose the folder where your downloads usually go (don’t know if it will work but i’m really sure it will work)

  1. Then right click the torrent again
  2. Choose the “start” option and it should start downloading after a few seconds.

Reply if it solves problem or not, Good luck! :fist:


Thank you all for the solution @SaM @kiran @LittleMolar @Shafi .


you are welcome bro

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