[SOLVED] Need an urgent help about windows issue!


I just want to know how can i delete all my windows 8.1(64bit) data without deleting my oriiginal windows.

and after that pls answer these question

1- It will delete all the viruses on my laptop?
2- It will increase my windows speed,performance?
3- Would you prefer me to do the above process or not?
4- If i do the above process then i have to again install drivers and windows stuff or not?

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If you have the key for you windows reinstall it is the best way to get back the performance and speed
If you don’t have the key then I guess trying antivirus programs like antimalwareByte is better way to delete viruses
I think deleting files won’t speed up your windows
Since if is there full storage

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do you mean a windows key ?

I don’t have a key but i have a original window not piratted version

and i am not talking about reinstalling a new window . I want to do a factory reset like thing.

Well thanks for your reply


You’re in good hands. :hugs:
Follow that video shared by @Egypt-Firon - it may definitely help, but if your task is different then continue reading below…

First of all anwser me this only > What original windows? i mean doesn’t that sounds odd.

How can i delete my windows 8.1 without deleting my original windows

What kinda sentence is this?

  1. Windows 8.1 data? obviously you meant windows data. am i right?
  2. If you delete OS, that doesn’t mean it will remove virus from your whole HDD. because there is not surety that your OS partition contains viruses or any other Partition does also contains viruses infect.
  3. Yes. Killing viruses and keygen may increase system performance. and remember only viruses never make your system slower, there are bunch of other basic things that keep your system faster or slower. One of them is compatibility. Drivers, Hardware, Softwares, Etc!
  4. If you don’t own any Windows with original keys then how could you say it’s original if you don’t have keys? Obviously you use Patcher/crack to activate windows so you can move on to any other latest OS instead of worrying about that original ones.
  5. How could you do that factory reset for killing viruses? and why would you do that there is no purpose to factory reset according to your task.
  6. Yes you can backup OS including drivers/softwares but only if your OS/HDD is clean. if anything contains Virus already then backup thing won’t work.

Well i have covered most of things already, you can easily determine now, and anwser my question so i will proceed. I have a easy solutions for you. Are you dealing with Viruses? or Are you uncomfortable using Windows 8.1? kindly anwser that question listed in quote and reason of deleting OS.

Good luck! If i’m offline then PM me @SaM i will respond you when i get back here. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @SaM , Yes i am talking about windows data.

Yes I am dealing with viruses.
No i am very much comfortable using windows 8.1 and saying original windows mean the window which i got it when i purchased my laptop that means original from microsoft not any piratted version but they didn’t gave me any key. Only thing they gave me a key for microsoft office 2016.

Reason for doing this-

I am a class-12 student and on 21st march there is my last exam of maths…So on 21 march, I want to do a new beginning.I want to delete all of the data of my OS not the OS.



I already knew it.

In that case you need this Solution: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17085/windows-8-restore-refresh-reset-pc
Scroll down and Click > Refresh your PC without affecting your files and follow on easy method.

Relax, doing this may not affect your personal files from any other partition, your drivers, may kept. and your OS will go back to a day when you’ve fresh installed it. Completely fresh. It’s like your Current OS will get reinstall over again without using formatting. Good luck!

WARNING: Your System data dealing with viruses, so Do not open any other partition beside C partition until unless you scan over all drives. But if virus only contains in C drive then it might definitely gone by resetting but who knows where actually it’s located so below method will fix it permanently.

NOTE: If you’re dealing with Virus, and not sure where actually virus rest, so kindly do not touch any other partition unless you install and scan System after resetting OS. Kindly download Malwarebytes and scan System. if anything caught kill it and restart system. After that use another anti-virus for double check. something like Hitman pro. scan and kill infection. restart system. That’s all. you’re good to go.
Kindly follow this Video to scan and kill viruses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbuX20JBxm4


Will this delete all the viruses too?

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Read my previous post again. I added a note.


Thank you so much @SaM for your kind help !:blush: