[SOLVED] My amazon account is locked

I tried to buy something with a fake credit card, just for fun/time-pass.
And now i am f***#$ , my amazon account is a prime account, i bought a 999 rupees - one year plan in december 2019, now it is locked and I tried amazon customer call, mail , chat services…
they didn’t do anything just asked for a load ton of information about me and my account , every time i reach them
they also tell me every time that amazon team will email me , to ask me about authenticating my identity , and asking for a photo of my name written on a bank account
And every time i try to sign in this opens up

Please help :sob:

Did u check your emails? Did u ask them what information they needed?

there was a emai , here it is

and in the call they said that the technical assistants would ask for identity proof and name on bank account with photo but nothing like that happened there was just this email and they didn’t even reply when i sent them an email about this situation.

If you bought cc from the deep web & tried to attach into your amazon account, then you should be contacting the place where you purchased the cc from, not amazon.

  • Most reputable sellers will have some sort of workarounds or replacement policy.

no, i just used this- https://namso-gen.com/
with a cc from an old post about- Amazon prime 3 months trial free.
but i used the cc to buy something and the payment was not successful(obviously)
then in 2-3 days they locked my account

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it’s time to say byebye to your account
… if you know fake cc number …
then one thing you can do… purchace some trial software like adobe or anything… get that billing invoice …and send it amazon… all they want is last purchase proof … if you can edit that pdf invoice …do so according to your need

for example old flipkart purchase …get invoice …edit it … with any pdfr reader … it will show “purchased with card” **************5698
change it to your fake card …

do it with from 2-3 sources …like flipkart, amazon, adobe …and let me know if this works for u

this has to work…


did it happen to you too? did u get your account back??
the problem is that i cant know for sure which fake cc is used , so isn’t there any other way?

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but how would be there any other way…if they clearly told you want they want …if they got what they want …they will happily unlock it…


ok, thanks for the answers

Tell them it was hacked or you lost your mobile and then got it …even celebrities give similar reasons when they post anything offensive or their photos get leaked


sweeeeet, i will try it.