[SOLVED] Money Method?

Hey there!

I’m new here, and so far i think this is the best website that I’ve ever encountered—maybe second after 9gag—and saw a section here that’s basically about how other people try to give another other people a trick, technique, method how to earn money online.

I’m in a kinda difficult situation right now because of this coronavirus, I don’t have a job and I live in a third world country where the government doesn’t really give a shot about their people if there’s a lockdown here the government only give about $50 to the people who can’t get any money because of the lockdown. So… lucky me.

My question is: Is there someone who has really tried one of the methods and it actually works?

Thanks to you guys now I can learn the courses in Lynda.com and some free limited courses you guys mentioned. I’m really thankful for that and very grateful that I found this website.

Currently learning about dropshipping, blogging, affiliate marketing, and web development.

But, I don’t have any laptop or PC, just my smartphone which is, well, good enough. So learning those things kinda hard for me with my smartphone, and maybe I could earn just enough money to buy a laptop, not some sophisticated laptop, just one that good enough.

I’m really sorry for my bad English, and I’m not looking for some donation or something, just a suggestion that could help with me financial crisis.

My life is pretty fcked up now, I don’t even know if I’m able to eat next week, so please any suggestion will be helpful.

Always look on the bright side of life


Good to hear that 1Hack helped you in some way! :slight_smile:

There is already too much on this category, you just have to look something that you can do from your smartphone, I know it’s tough, but you have to pull this… :+1: