[SOLVED] method or trick to efficiently use shortened links?

Well, i recently came to know about making money through shortened links :smiley: but totally unsure where can i broadcast or post it for a good reach
i tried it on facebook it blocked my links multiple times !
and on searching this query on google there wasn’t any relevant information related to this topic
so can any expertise help me out :slight_smile: i’m a student and totally broke :frowning:
thanks in advance <3


i get it but is there any kind of hack or trick for maximizing ? like send the shortened links to a group or through email methods ?

No Offense given or taken. Just making a one fun post today…

Shorten link and getting paid? Smell like a Porn :rofl: no it make sense, oh hell yes, the fastest way to get paid non-stop. other than that, shorten links seems catchy on social media nowadays. lol

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You can make a landing page that collects email phone numbers and drive traffic on that page using social media and paid promotions like instagram, google adwords, facebook… etc

  • The above method will build a great database for your earnings from URL Shorteners & guess what? You can anytime manipulate that collected database information like email addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts… etc by sending them bulk email, messages, text messages & WhatsApp msgs as well ,

  • I would suggest you to maintain the quality, like sending sometimes legit shortened url contains & sometimes clickbait to earn hell lotta money! :partying_face: :dancer:

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hell yeah ! this is what exactly my query was , btw any idea or suggestions on how to make this ? would help me alot

Read thoroughly what @New.Guides posted above! You will get it for sure! :slight_smile:

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Hey Aries_Otaku, I am also a studend. I am also find some information on this

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