While using MEGADOWNLOADER Application, I am not able to download files in custom way.
I mean to say if I have to download only a specific folder from Mega drive link, i am not able to do that.

After copying that folder’s link and pasting it to Megadownloader, its Downloading everything. now, why would I wanna download 2 TB of data if I just want to download a specific folder which is of only 1.2 GB.
haha, can any intelligent person help me out on this?


You should Import the whole Folder to your account ,
It doesn’t matter what the size of folder is (Bypass Mega's limited 50GB storage quota)
Then download whatever you want, either Download directly or use the official MegaSync Desktop App - link - https://mega.nz/sync

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after importing folders from various links, i can download them through megadownloader ( because it gives a good download speed ) as well?

yes you can , but MegaSync is just better in terms of using and is more comfortable To use, also it gives the best speed u could get downloading a mega File/Folder,
i am saying this out of experience , as i have downloaded A sum total of 60 - 70 GB data using MegaSync , as of Today.
Rest is upon u. :upside_down_face:


Thanks, ( NM about the last post, I got it how to do it )

You are right , even i couldn’t understand That Post at first, then i read some comments-
Here is the easy and simple explanation-

  1. Download mega app on your mobile - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mega.privacy.android.app
  2. Sign in with a new mega account which has empty space on it, like 48GB/50GB is empty
  3. Open the link of the 2 TB folder(or any link which you want to import ) in your mobile browser,
  4. It will ask if you want to open it in browser or Mega app - Select mega app
  5. Now the app will open and the link will load in a few seconds, press IMPORT and select the location on your mega account, where you want to import it. DONE !!!

Note: If you import a Folder greater than 50 GB , U will have to make a new account the next time you want to import any other Folder greater than 50 GB.

I hope it helped. :blush:

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Great it helped. However i had to use a VPN to open the MEGA link. VPN helped.


ok after using this method, its only downloading 3 gb per 6 hour. i was wondering if we can download more than that. i guess megadownloader do not have that limit thing.

are you downloading on mobile or pc?

I am using PC, and Megasync app.
I have imported a mega link using mobile
now when its comes to download, i tried to download a folder directly from that link.
It started downloading the files, however after sometime it stopped and showed that i have to upgrade to get more bandwidth.

then u can use megadownloader, but i suggested mega sync because i downloaded a 40GB Folder (IIT JEE MAINS & ADVANCED - PHYSICS Collection Class 11&12th [NV Sir - Etoos India]) using mega sync over a time period of about 10 days, there was no problem.
but it was about 2 years ago , so maybe something is changed with mega sync. :thinking:

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idk how you downloaded 40GB folder, when the minimum download limit of megasync is only 3 GB per 6 hour.

i also don’t know :sweat_smile:
but i actually downloaded it