[SOLVED] me to download pdf document from Locklizard

Can anyone help to download pdf documents from Locklizard please?
link: https://llviewersg3a.com/dashboard.php

site requires credentials. send the direct link to the pdf page and ill see what i can do

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HI, I am accessing Locklizard PDF document via infosec Institute.

DIrect link to view PDF doc: https://llviewersg3a.com/webviewer.php?doc=179748

Infosec Institute: https://flex.infosecinstitute.com/portal/users/courses

I have got 30 days free access to Infosec skills by applying couppon code as “cyberwork”.

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This is a protected PDF file. See below for a more in depth explanation on a protected PDF.

The digital content that you purchased will be delivered in a PDC file, which is an encrypted PDF file that can only be opened (by a single user) after properly registering your copy and downloading and installing the LockLizard Safeguard PDF Viewer software that was bundled with your file(s).

A PDC file is a protected PDF created using Safeguard PDF Security – it is a PDF file that has been protected with encryption and DRM copy controls.

  1. To open a PDC document you need a license from the Publisher – only they can issue this.
  2. The Publisher is the company who sent you the protected PDF document (PDC file), or is who you purchased the protected PDF document from.
  3. The Publisher will have sent you a license email so that you can open their protected PDF documents.
  4. Check your email to see if you received the license email from the Publisher. The license email contains usage instructions for opening protected PDF documents (PDC files) and your license information. It should look something like this:
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