[SOLVED] Make completely anonymous phonecall w/ spoofed number

As the title says…

Preferably, I’d prefer not to have to pay for a program/service, but will do so if it’s unavoidable

For the record, it’s certainly not for anything illegal :wink:


Use TextNow it is available in playstore

Textnow doesn’t spoof number


Thanks for the response.

I should have specified that I was looking to do it on the PC w/ a voice changer. If a voice changer app is available for Andriod, I guess using a phone could also work.

Cheers for the help, though ;-D

Try this… :joy:

  1. A Virtual phone will load-
  2. Select your country code for India its (+91) and for US its (+1)
  3. Just type a phone number whom you want to call anonymously.
  4. Tap/Click on Call button.
  5. After this it will ask your phone or computer’s mic access permission. Just give that permission and thats all.


  1. Your personal number will not be shared.
  2. Your friend whom you are calling will get a call with a 6 digit virtual number not your private number.
  3. Not only call you can also send SMS using this sites.
  4. You can lookup any phone number to know its information.


The PAID one! It’s worth paying, I have also used it!