[SOLVED] Jazz Wifi Dead Device

Hi everyone!
I just flash a wrong file (Jazz 4G Wingle W02) in to my Jazz Cloud MF673 M10 device and now it’s almost dead. Actually was trying to unlock it for all sims when this mess happen :hot_face:

Now when I push the power button there is
No light
No wifi signals.
Only can connect via wire connection to PC
Data sims are also not working though it detects them.

This is what I can see in my settings:

I google and tried many things but nothing seems to be working :cry:
Any help please :tired_face:

Well what they say, ’ Don’t mess with the things :stuck_out_tongue:"
I can only guess you flashed the wrong file and now the best way to revive it back is to have the professional fix it for you. But due to current situation that is not possible so your only option is to flash it again. Double check the model number of the device.

Try this method if you haven’t.

Note: I am not promoting this Video or the Channel.