[SOLVED] is there any way to download coding ninjas course

is there any way to download coding ninjas course codingninjas.in ? please share if anyone of you knows.
i have already tried with IDM it didn’t worked. videos downloaded by IDM are just black screen and none of the video plugins are working.
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If you have an account, you can share that with sam he can surely help you out.

in coding ninjas you can login using only gmail or facebook accounts

Checkout these 2

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Even I am also looking for it.

None of the known methods appear to be working - coding ninjas seem to use separate DASH streams for video / audio, and the browser simply sees tons of small .mp4 files for separate segments of audio and segments of video, none of which can be combined as they are not .ts files and there’s no m3u8 playlist either, nor any direct mp4 links that can be played as is.

Maybe the site was made by people who used to download streaming videos with the known methods themselves, and they knew exactly how to implement their site to avoid that from happening with their videos :eyes:


instructors from codingninjas teach at my college. I too had asked @SaM once about codingninjas.
CodingNinjas use vdocipher for their videos. And therefore your registration email will be seen even if you screen record it (only way you can download their videos kinda).


Just downloaded one . They are DRM protected just like codingblocks’ videos. I tried some programs out there in the market to Remove DRM none of which worked . However Sam told a friend of his was able to remove DRM from videos . You can ask him about this for info .

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That’s True, we have discussed it recently, Their videos are Protect by Vdocipher & the DRM system won’t let anyone Rip, download or record videos, In the past it wasn’t that tough to get videos, but due to a new ToS, No script ever made to get those videos. So there is a Big NO to rip them even Script ever made they still have their servers and the best scripting to stop the leaks. but nothing impossible, in the future who knows who gonna break them. yet no solution.

No mate, you misunderstood that, DRM are 2 kinds, one which stops you to get videos script and etc behind the server, and the other which protects downloaded videos. But removing DRM even not that possible for a few site’s videos.
Anyways, Someone created a Topic under Discussions & Solutions and I answered there about DRM, follow that thread about removing DRM, not to get codingninjas videos.

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Very helpfull information. Thank You Sir.


i think i should try using windows screen recording app. then add audio by myself. Thanks to all.