[SOLVED] Is it worth buying?

Can someone tell me, is it worth buying membership of 9.99eur for https://cracked.to

without membership the content doesn’t get displayed.

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I have both, nulled.to & cracked.to life-time subscription with me!

I would say, It’s on you, it’s not like… it’s a waste, but on other hand… Imo

  • If you are cracker, then these 2 websites are gonna be very useful for you!

  • & If you’re not an account cracker, then I would recommend you to not purchase any membership!

If you’re thinking, what about having, access to their VIP exclusive forums? :smiley:

The only good thing about having a premium membership is bypassing the requirements to unlock hidden “UNWANTED” content. :no_mouth:

It would be waste of money, because you’re an account seeker, not a B0t, who collects accounts with no further use of em. :thinking:

You probably, will be in need, couple of specific brand’s premium accounts & after you get those account from there, then trust me, both the websites will be no use for you, because you aren’t an collector, who want UFC account & starting collecting WWE accounts, for no reason! :woman_facepalming:

  • They post nothing, but the same accounts over and over again, as most of the hotcake premium stuff like, Netflix, UFC… etc accounts gets busted, before you even try to grab em :slightly_frowning_face:

There ain’t no new stuff, since I had purchase their premium membership, like no cracking bigger website’s accounts or even some new website cracked stuff.

  • Also, their request section for VIP & Special members, is not that vast.

If you are looking for cracking resources, they are good! but, If you’re looking for account requests, like NordVPN, Hulu, WWE, Spotify, etc accounts are fine, they will full-fill, but apart from this… :roll_eyes:

Your request post might gonna be there with no reply at all in the request section. :cry: Because, the thing you want, it’s not there, that means it’s hard to crack or no one is that free to get it for you!

Feel Free to ask me anything you want to about both the websites, I’ll be happy to help you! :slight_smile:

Friendly Websites

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